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How to manage and transfer contacts from Samsung GALAXY?

Be excited to get the new Samsung GALAXY? Looking for a way to move the contacts from your old phone to it? Find many duplicate contacts after syncing with Outlook, Gmail and other address book? Need export the contacts to computer for backup. Here I’d like to share some tips with you.

Part One - Import & Export

Want to import Outlook and Address Book contacts to your new Samsung GALAXY mobile phone? Of course you can export the contacts from Outlook/Address Book to computer as vCards and CSV files. Then copy these files to your phone SD card. Finally import them on your Samsung GALAXY. Don’t you think it is too complicated?

Transfer Contacts from Samsung GALAXY S4

With MobileGo for Android, the vCards, CSV files and contacts from Outlook/Address Book can be imported to Samsung GALAXY with a single click. All details are reserved. What’s more, it also enables you to export the contacts from Samsung to computer as VCF files for backup.

Part Two - De-duplicate

When you import contacts from Gmail, Email, Address Book, Outlook and more to your Samsung GALAXY, it is hard to avoid duplication of contacts. How do you deal with the duplicate contacts? Deleting the same contacts one by one? What if there are a lot of contacts?

Merge Duplicate Contacts from Samsung GALAXY S4

Here I’d like to recommend MobileGo for Android to you. Simply connect your Samsung GALAXY to it, the program can find the duplicate contacts matched by name, phone number, email, etc. automatically. Just a single click, all the duplicate contacts will be merged.

Part Three - Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Android

Samsung GALAXY provides you a lot of ways to share contacts between Samsung and other phones. But all these methods have limitations and they are not easy enough. Is there any way to transfer the contacts you want from Samsung to HTC or to other Android Phones directly?

Thanks to MobileGo for Android, your ideas can be achieved at ease. Once you connect the two Android Phones to the program with USB cable, you can easily transfer the selected contacts from Samsung to HTC, Samsung to Samsung, HTC to Samsung, etc.


Feel awful to create and edit contacts on the tiny keyboard of your Samsung GALAXY? Now you can do it fast and accurately on computer with MobileGo for Android.

About vCards?

When you export contact from Address Book on Mac, you will find the file type of output contact is vCard. A VCF file is a vCard file. Actually, vCard is a file format for electronic business cards to store contact information like name, address, phone numbers, email address, photographs, etc. It is always attached to email messages so that you can import the sender’s contact information at ease.