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How to Backup & Restore your Samsung GALAXY on Computer ?

With the powerful function, most people regard Samsung GALAXY mobile phone as a digital camera, a media player or a memory storage device more than a communication tool to make phone calls or send messages. However, these videos, music, photos, contacts and others on your Samsung GALAXY are easily gone due to formatting SD card, deleting accidentally, resetting to factory data, rooting phone, etc.

Backup with a single click:

In case of precious data loss, the best way is to make a backup of your Samsung GALAXY Phone regularly.

MobileGo for Android provides you the easiest way to backup contacts, text messages, calendar, Call logs, playlists info, apps, photos, music and videos from Samsung GALAXY fast.

Backup Samsung GALAXY S4

Simply connect your Samsung GALAXY mobile phone to computer with a USB cable. Then a single click to backup the contents you want.

Restore at any time:

If you unfortunately lost music, videos, contacts or other important files from your Samsung GALAXY, you could easily restore them from previous backup files at any time.

Restore Samsung GALAXY S4

After connected Samsung GALAXY phone to computer with USB cable, click the blue “More Tools” button, you can see the “Restore” button. Hit on it and select one backup files you want to restore.

Note: The current contents on Samsung GALAXY will be erased after restoring. So it always pops up a dialogue to ask you if you want to backup the current content before restoring.